August 15, 2020


Some time ago I was approached by a company dealing in international real estate and invited to become a member.  They informed me that I had been recommended by my colleague, Mallina Wilson from Bellingham.  Flattered by the recommendation, I did considerable research and discussion, I partnered with Jenny Hill (who will handle the Eastside while I work the Greater Seattle area) and I joined their growing network.

The company is called Associated Realty of the Americas (AREA) and is headquartered in Arizona.  The company concept is a simple one:   select quality real estate professionals in major urban and resort areas around the world, tie them together and market their listings to all.

What makes the program unique is that we market to those who represent Buyers, not to the Buyers themselves.  (We don’t know anyone else who uses this paradigm.)

What I have come to learn from this is that my “reach” has grown in an extraordinary fashion.  By that I mean, instead of having to research who I will use as a referral agent outside the world of Seattle, this is already done for me.  

My expanded service reaches from the tip of Cabo to shores of the Carolina’s; from Panama to Palm Springs; from Vancouver to Toronto; from the U.S. to Europe and Asia:  I am connected.

When someone who is important to you is considering a transfer within the U.S., a foreign purchase or is a foreigner interested in owning residential or commercial property in Seattle, please let me know.  

Best of all, there is no cost to Buyers and Sellers to receive this first class service.

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