June 5, 2020


Avoid These Common Shopping Mistakes.  Too often shoppers end up paying more than they need to.  Here are the most common shopping mistakes:

MISTAKE:  Assuming sale prices are attractive prices.  Supermarket sale circulars often contain some great deals – but they usually have items priced at or near their regular prices as well.

MISTAKE:  Shopping in the wrong department.  Cheese can cost twice as much in the deli or gourmet section as it does in the dairy section.  The brands may be different but the quality is usually as good.  Nut prices in the produce, snack and baking sections can differ.  Salsa is often more expensive in the snack aisle than in the condiments aisle.  Organic foods found in supermarket organic aisles usually are substantially more expensive than those shelved among nonorganic goods elsewhere.

MISTAKE:  Assuming items shelved on supermarket aisle endcaps and display islands are special deals.  For example, a display in the fruit section may have a sale price on strawberries but regular prices on shortcakes and whipped cream.

MISTAKE:  Not watching as prices are rung up at the register.  Watch the register readout carefully as items are scanned to catch mistakes as they happen.  Then skim your receipt for any mistakes you may have missed . . . preferably before leaving the store.

MISTAKE:  Assuming there is a one-coupon-per-item limit.  Most stores let shoppers use both a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon on the same item if both happen to be available.

MISTAKE:  Forgetting to peel of instant-use coupons from packages.

MISTAKE:  Thinking the largest-sized package will be the best deal.  Compare the per-ounce or per-unit prices listed on the shelf price tag.  If you have a coupon valid for any size, the smallest package is often the best deal.

MISTAKE:  Not adhering to the five-minute rule when buying prepared food.  If the preparation time involved is five minutes or less you may find it is worth it to do the preparation yourself.

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