January 17, 2021

Edible backyards yielding sales for developers

Subdivisions may conjure up thoughts of strip malls, sprawl and snarled traffic. Now, think edible backyards.

Developers around the country are luring buyers with amenities centered on concepts known as “development-supported agriculture,” (DSA), “conservation communities,” or “agriburbia┬«”. As founders of the latter term are fond of explaining, “Home is where the farm is.”

Instead strip malls, these ag-oriented developments are appealing to buyers with promises of sustainability, self-sufficiency, and farm-to-table products. Landscapes are edible, with community gardens, orchards and livestock among the common elements in the package.

DSAs are akin to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement, but have more ambitious goals. CSAs strive to forge business relationships between consumers and farmers. DSAs focus on establishing sustainable models of land use with an urban-rural interface that preserves farming cultures, agricultural land, and community-based food security. DSAs also try to cultivate new generations of farmers through farm incubator programs.

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