October 20, 2020


People today seek to personalize, economize, and make the most of their space—inside and out.

Today’s home owners seek style and comfort, but they’re ever mindful of the toll that our choices can take on the environment. These home-furnishings trends reflect current priorities and aspirations. Some of these phenomena will inevitably fizzle, while others will become mainstays of the home, but for now they are attracting lots of industry and consumer buzz.

#10 Dual-flush, environmentally efficient toilets, plus more healthful designs
Why trendworthy: Greater recognition that liquid and solid waste have different flush requirements.

Though widely available abroad, dual-flush toilets—with separate mechanisms to handle liquid or solid waste—are gaining attention here, says Lenora Campos with Toto USA, a leading toilet manufacturer (www.totousa.com). The main challenge isn’t convincing home owners to buy the models, she says, but getting them to remember to use the right button. More companies may follow Toto’s lead to construct toilets with glazed concave rims and water nozzles that repel bacteria and wall-mounted models that make cleaning underneath easier. Toto’s Aquia II dual-flush models run from $457 to $686, while the company’s conventional single-flush models range from $350 to $525.

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