October 26, 2020

MY MONTH IN FRANKFURT – Consider renting a home?

Prepare yourself!  The real estate market for rentals is reminiscent decades gone by in our area:  there is no central listing service.  You will hire/pay for an agent to go office to office to find potential rental properties.

Now that you have your agent, you learn that rentals are what we call apartments/part of a much larger building.  In addition, you will need to supply your own kitchen and light fixtures.  Most spaces for rent have no appliances, cabinets or counter tops in the vacant ‘kitchen’ space.  When you vacate the space, you take your kitchen with you.  In addition, each tenant supplies . . . and removes . . . the light fixtures from the unit. 

Now that you have your space, kitchen hardware and light fixtures it time to learn how the clothes dryer differs from those in the US.  After you dry your load of laundry, you will need to pull the +/- two quart container from the base of the dryer.  Once removed, the full container needs to have the water therein dumped.  MY QUESTION:  How much extra does it cost me to ‘dry’ all of that water out of my Seattle laundry?

I am going to do you a favor and not fully describe the toilets that are designed for an ‘incomplete flush’ and therefore each has a wall-mounted toilet brush for cleaning.

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