January 17, 2021

King County at a glance . . . multiple year stats

2017 King County, Greater Seattle Residential Real Estate Activity
March 2017 King County

King County 2-2017






















2011-2015 King County, Greater Seattle Residential Real Estate Activity

King County


MY MONTH IN FRANKFURT – A different kind of pea patch.

Pea patches/small garden plots abound throughout the rural areas surrounding Frankfurt.  As I mentioned earlier, homes – rental or owned – are not single family as defined by most of the Seattle area.  Frankfurt homes are part of larger buildings – entire floors or a portion of up to three or four floors.  These homes usually lack any yard or garden space.

Not only are the Frankfurt pea patches larger than those in our area, each has what I call a very small, seasonal vacation home.  Summer furniture and potted plants decorate the patios and decks of these homes.  Each location has a large number of individual patches and seems to be a central part of local socializing . . . and fresh vegetables!

Train rides speeding by these ‘villages’ present images that are both colorful and inviting.