September 29, 2020


Investing Defined
Whenever an individual places surplus funds in the bank or stock market, or purchases real estate for speculation, he or she has made an investment decision. There is a wide variety of investment vehicles available. Each type of investment has unique characteristics that may be desirable to one investor yet undesirable to another.  Investors may even evaluate each investment differently. Each investment may also exhibit different risk levels, and the return or yield on an investment should be commensurate with the amount of risk associated with it.

Why People Invest
People invest to obtain the financial independence necessary to achieve their goals.  Achieving financial success usually takes time, careful planning, and the assistance of other professionals. Most people invest for the following reason:

  • To generate additional income                                            

    What will you do when you harvest from your money tree?

  • To acquire wealth for their retirement
  • To accumulate for their children’s education                     
  • To acquire prestige in the community
  • To create an estate for their heirs
  • To obtain financial independence

Common Investment Vehicles

  • Saving accounts and certificates of deposit
  • Stocks and mutual funds
  • Real estate
  • Partnership interests
  • Bonds and bond funds
  • Mortgages/trust deeds
  • Collectibles/art